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St Edward's College

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Teachers 1933
Teaching Staff 1954
50 years teaching service presentations
Mr. Fred Boraston ( Push)
Edward (Paddy) Ley
More on Teachers and Staff
Thomas (Percy) O'Dowd
Tim Curtin and School Song
Johnny/Kevin Morris moved to Leeds
Eugene Genin
Martin Regan as referee
prize giving
Br. Patrick Coffey section
An Appreciation of W. H. Rowe
James Mullen Receiving Bene Merenti Medal
Robert "Pop" Allen
Cornelius Lyons
Brother Aidan Brennan
John Curtin
Brother Ring
Miss Helen Hogg Music Room Runnymede 1965-66
Miss Wilson and Staff of Runnymede 1967
Miss Marie Wilson RIP June 2016
Stephen Morris