St Edwards College Liverpool 1950 - 1957

A List of pictures taken on the occasion of the College Annual Dinner on 12 October 2007 - the fifty year anniversary.
DSCF0003 The Three Cyclists
DSCF0004 Bill Lomas and John Boon's great niece
DSCF0005 Timothy Curtin
DSCF0006 Timothy Curtin
DSCF0007 Tea time
DSCF0008 Ed Quinn at tea
DSCF0009 Terry Padden looking for a riddle-me-ree
DSCF0010 John Brown, Peter O'Hare, Brian White
DSCF0011 Francesca
DSCF0012 Pop Allen and others
DSCF0013 Brian White, Larry Maxwell
DSCF0014 Gerry McMahon, John Brown
DSCF0015 Terry Padden and Barnie Davis' eldest son, Patrick
DSCF0016 Nick Chamberlain, Ed Quinn, Gerry McMahon
DSCF0017 Hugh Fitzpatrick, Charlie cuckson
DSCF0018 Charlie Cuckson, Tom Pearson
DSCF0019 Brian Davidson, Jim Kirby
DSCF0020 Pop Allen, Richard Duggan
DSCF0021 Barnie Davis, Nick Chamberlain, Ed Quinn
DSCF0022 Barnie Davis, Nick Chamberlain, Ed Quinn
DSCF0023 Brother Brennan, Ed Blackie
DSCF0024 Charlie Cuckson, Brian Davidson
DSCF0025 Pop Allen, Nick Chamberlain
DSCF0026 Pop Allen, Nick Chamberlain
DSCF0027 Pop Allen, Nick Chamberlain
DSCF0028 Charlie Cuckson, Sean Murphy, John Wills
DSCF0029 Brian Davidson, Peter O'Hare
DSCF0030 Brian Davidson, Peter O'Hare
DSCF0031 Gerry McMahon, Pop Allen
DSCF0032 Gerry McMahon, Pop Allen
DSCF0033 Gerry McMahon, Pop Allen
DSCF0034 Gerry McMahon, Pop Allen
DSCF0035 Pop Allen, Barnie Davis
DSCF0036 Pop Allen, Barnie Davis
DSCF0037 Pop Allen, Barnie Davis, Gavin Davis
DSCF0038 Pop Allen, Barnie Davis, Gavin Davis
DSCF0039 John Wills, Ned Norris, Brian Davidson, Peter O'Hare
DSCF0040 Charlie, Cuckson, Sean Murphy, Jim Kirby
DSCF0041 Tom Pearson, Larry Maxwell, Ray Wills
DSCF0042 John Boon, Bill Lomas, Ed Blackie
DSCF0043 John Boon, Bill Lomas, Ed Blackie
DSCF0044 Group
DSCF0045 Group disintegrating
DSCF0046 At St Anselms
DSCF0047 At St Anselms
DSCF0048 At St Anselms
DSCF0049 At St Anselms
DSCF0052 John Boon, Bill Lomas and the John Wills Tower