Dinner at the Adelphi in 1938 with Archbishop Downey as principal guest, and fourth from right hand is Monseigneur Thomas Adamson who served from 1928 until 1945 as private secretary to the Most Reverend Richard Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool. Also Thomas Adamson was at CI College before training to be a priest. Second in from front right is "Paddy" Bryson.
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CI and St Edwards College Liverpool
January 1938


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Those present at the Dinner from our magazines mention the following-:-
His Excellency, Most Rev. Dr. Downey., D.D., D.Ph., LL.D., Rev. Hr.I.S. Roche(Chairman), Rev. Denis O'Shea, Rev. T. Flynn, M.A., Ph.lD, Rev. T. Adamson, Rev. Br. Bermingham.