Mr John Curtin RIP

From 1962-63 Magazine
an Obituary


Born 17th April, 1890; Died 25th February, 1963

"It is no exaggeration to say that the death of John Curtin marks the end of an era for St. Edward's College. He was one of the first pupils of the Christian Brothers at the C.I.; he was one of the first C.I. boys to go to University; and he returned to the College to teach for fifty years. His history is the history of the College; his death a snapping of a unique link with the past. He was an institution. John Curtin joined the College as a pupil in 1902, the year in which it was taken over by the Brothers. After his schooldays he proceeded to University, where he gained his B.A. before returning to the College to teach in 1910. Later he added to his academic achievement by taking his M.A. For fifty years he remained at the College and in that time he taught nearly all the school's pupils, including future Governors and many of those Old Boys who today uphold the name of St. Edward's in the world. In 1952 he was very ill and after 1953 he taught only senior boys part-time. The death of his wife in 1962 was a terrible blow, and though he rallied to attend the dinner at which the Old Boys celebrated his fifty years' service with the College, it seemed as if he knew his death was near. Besides teaching, John Curtin did much for Catholic Education. He was, for instance, a founder member of the University Catholic Society and the Old Boys' Association. He was for many years a zealous parish worker at Blessed Sacrament, Aintree, for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, C.Y.M.S., and of course, for the choir. He served too as President of the Catenian Association. His many services were recognised by the Church when the Bene Merenti Medal was conferred on him. As a colleague, John Curtin was a wonderful example of academic and gentlemanly virtues. His assistance to younger members of the Staff was immediate and sincere. He was the acknowledged leader of the Staff of whom he was so proud. The Staff will miss him deeply, and it is fitting that we end by claiming that John Curtin always lived by the College motto VIRILITER AGE He can have no finer obituary. R.I.P. "