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St Edwards College Liverpool- Runnymede
Class llR - Sept 1954 to August 1955

Top Row: Colin Walsh, Paul Brereton, Joseph Mundy, Peter Smith, Patrick Doyle, John McDonell, John Langley, Peter Roberts, Paul Rooney, Brian Seymour.

2nd Row: Michael Taylor, Tom Whelan, Edward Rudd, Paul Donnelly, Peter D. O'Neill, John Moore, Robin Walley, Edward Bruin, Gerald McCusker, David Wilson, Christopher Buckles.

3rd Row: John Hartley, Michael O'Hanlon, David Butler, Paul Martin, Peter Bannon, Ray Jennings, Maybe Paul Borland, Robert Kelly, John Milne, Maurice England.

4th Row: John Holden, John Marshal(l?), Michael Donald, Anthony Maloney, Francis Marsh, James McLoughlin, Nicholas Dodds.

Many thanks to Dr Peter O'Neill and Paul Martin for many of these names.
( The IIR Form List shows 39 students plus Marcel Lopez, son of the Colombian Consul, who stayed for a short time and is not on the photo. )