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St Edwards College Liverpool
Mr. Robert Allen and
Class 3A 1950-51

Top Row: John Alexander, John Kinsella, Peter Morgan (?), Desmond Roper, John Comerford, Herbert Jordan, 7, John Newberry, Brian Goodhall, Brian Ludden.

Third Row: 1, Bernard Weston, 3, Frank Waring, John Carr, Brian Connors, 7, Arthur Shaw, Joe Peacock.

Second Row: George Bushell, Anthony Lynch (?), 3, 4, Mr. Robert Allen, Gerald Melarange , 7, 8, looks awfully like Pip Anwyl.

Front Row: John Rogan, John Blanchflower?, Richard Clatworthy?, 4, Stannard.

Thanks to Frank Waring for this photo and John Le Roi for some names. More names and confirmations still needed please.

Note from Brian Ludden who added 7 names---A long shot. Second row 9 looks awfully like Pip Anwyl who was definitely not in our class.

and suggestion middle of front row sitting at Pop Allen's feet: Richard Clatworthy.

Anecdotal details:-
i) John Alexander was a very talented musician. He played cello in the school orchestra and sang the soprano solo of "O for the Wings of a Dove" (Felix Mendelssohn- Hear My Prayer) at our concert in the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool. Sadly he died of a brain tumour when we were in Lower V. It was Br. Hooper (then head) who came to the class to give us the bad news and explained that, respecting John's family's wishes, no classmates would be attending the funeral.

ii) Joe Peacock had a younger brother Gerry. They were both marvellous lads. I have very fond memories of them and would be delighted to learn how they got on in life.

Thanks Brian