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St Edwards College
The Big Picture 1962

These pictures may take a while to download, but it will be worth it!
Please let me know if you can identify ANYONE on the pictures
Many thanks to Paul Martin for sending in this Big Picture for 1962
Initially Paul maintained the name base for the photos.
Sadly Paul lost his long battle with illness on the 22nd of January 2018.
Thanks to all who helped Paul with identifications.
Colin Riley has sent in 9 more names later in 2017

Many recent additions have come from Ian Barwise

Ian was only at St Edwards for two years so he has made a best guess at some names
Mike Fearon has added another 8 to 1962 Big Picture plus additions in 1961 Snr cross-country and Snr Athletics 1962.

Paul Feely has helped with identifications and additions and Mike Peacock added more in March, total now 353 March 2019

There are a couple who have had two names supplied in front two rows, so help needed. Also help needed for those with question marks (it was a long time ago).

Email: huntscross2@gmail.com
Click the five pictures below for larger photos and use cursor to identify.
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1962 Part 1
Part 1
1962 Part 2
Part 2
1962 Part 3
Part 3
1962 Part 4
Part 4
1962 Part 5
Part 5