26 In Memoriam TOM WOLFENDEN The Brothers of City of Liverpool 74 Circle are deeply saddened at the death of Tom Wolfenden who died on Sunday 20th July 2003, aged 63. His great friend, Dr Michael Azurdia writes: Tom was my friend, I’m privileged to say, for some 56 years. He was an honest, straightforward, enthusiastic chap and an honourable man. He was held in the highest esteem, respect and affection by all who came into contact with him. He was born in Hale, near Liverpool, in 1939. His father was a garage proprietor and had a small business in Priory Road, between Goodison Park and Anfield football grounds. Although his father died tragically when Tom was only one year old, the family business was kept going by his mother. In due course, Tom went to St Edward’s College where he excelled at sports and games, playing rugby for the first team as well as enjoying cricket, tennis and cross country running. More i m p o r t a n t l y, he became Head Boy. On leaving school, in 1959 he went up to Manchester University and secured a BSc in Chemistry, taking up a job with Pottertons and moved to Northampton. In the meantime, he had met his wife to be, Deanne Imundi, and they were married in September 1966. One of Tom’s most endearing characteristics was the fact that he had signed The Pledge when he was only 11 years old! Unlike the majority of people signing who renege within a few years, Tom never reneged, and kept a lifelong pledge never to touch alcohol. He drank tea by the bucketful, and pints of orange juice. As a result he could always drive home safely, which let Deanne off the hook, and was also popular with fellow Catenians after an away Circle visit. Eventually he decided to take over the family business. In his usual efficient and enthusiastic way he revamped the site, obtained a franchise from Esso, and with hard work made the business “tick”, and it became very successful. This did not stop the other love of his life - golf. He joined West Derby Golf Club, and became Captain in 1978. In 1989 he was held in such esteem that he was made Captain of Captains by the Liverpool Society of Golf Captains. In 1998 he was made President of West Derby Golf Club. Throughout this time, his family commitments had gradually increased. Christopher arrived in 1969, Emma in 1972, Louise in 1975 and finally, Edward in 1980. By this time the family had settled in Lathom, Lancashire. Tom was a devout Catholic, and in 1975 he joined the Catenian Association and City of Liverpool Circle where he remained a prime mover for the Circle until his death. He served as its President and Provincial Councillor, and the year before he died was elected Provincial Vice-President. Unfortunately he was unable to take up the position of Provincial President due to his illness. Tom had a great love of cars. Starting with an NSU Prima scooter, he rapidly progressed to better things, and was notable for his string of beautiful high performance sports cars. In the late 60’s he bought an old steam roller for about £60. Everyone who came into contact with Tom was convinced of his integrity, honesty and genuine friendship. But his greatest love was his family. He was proud of their various achievements, and particularly proud of his two grandsons, Connor and Thomas, who gave him great joy in his last six months. Tom was a delightful man, and one of nature’s gentlemen. He will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace