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St Edwards College Liverpool
Bro Ring and Class 1954-55 4A?

If you know any more names please let me know.

Top Row: Michael O'Hare, 2,3,4,5,6,Jim Flanagan ,8,9, Tony McDonough, Tony McClellan, John Kearney, Brian Colquitt (Widnes).

2nd Row: James Lonergen, Paddy Scully,3, Brian Swanick (Shemp), Eddie Rook?,6,7,? Kelly, Harry Roberts, Will Kelly?, Brian Emsley.

3rd Row: 1,2, Michael Dittman, 4, 5, Bro Ring, 7, Charlie Frost, Mike Roper, Michael Watterson, Kevin Gilchrist.

thanks Brian Ludden and John Callaghan for first names and John Kearney for another 6 of them.